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NZXT H7 Flow: Is It Good For Upgrading Your OLD PC Casing?

Last updated on January 15th, 2023 at 01:27 am

NZXT H7 Flow upgrading

NZXT H7 Flow is a Mid-Tower Airflow Case that enables excellent thermal performance at a reasonable price. Would you like to upgrade your computer? This guide is helpful for you.

In short, overall the Nzxt H7 Flow is a good pc casing with good airflow. This sleek case will keep any build cool and comfortable while offering plenty of space. In this article, I will discuss all the features of the Nzxt h7 flow, including the build quality, cable management, and airflow.

NZXT H7 Flow


Good Air Flow

Excellent noise control

Good Cable Management

Tool-less side panel removal

Affordable Price



NZXT H7 series comes with major improvements over NZXT H710 and H710i casings, there are 3 types of H7 models, those are H7, H7 flow, and H7 elite.

120mm fans are available in both rear and front panels, and it also supports verticle GPU mounting. There is enough space for storage devices and for power supply.

These models can buy around 130$ – $200. With the economic crisis, all the spare parts became more valuable, however, this is a good product with a reasonable price. In this article, we gonna discuss NZXT H7 and its features and characteristics.


H7 Flow

NZXT H7 series is available in 3 colors and the H7 Elite is available in 2 colors, all models have the option to attach a tempered glass side panel according to chassis color.

  • All-black case with tinted glass
  • All-white case with clear glass
  • Black & white case with clear glass

Although the previous H510 flow casing is good, there wasn’t enough place for a top-mounted radiator support. The newly released H7 flow has enough space to place the radiator.

Perforated metal and fans work well together. Overall, I like the front panel, and it would look great with a little RGB.

There are 2 USB 3.2 gen ports, USB type-c ports, audio sockets, and a power button located on the top of the casing.

As well as its perforated front and top panels, this sleek case features widened channels, hooks, straps, and toolless entry.

The new H7 series cases have a spacious chassis that allows for some of the most ambitious builds possible.  We’ll cover all of the features of the NZXT H7 Flow.


TypeATX Mid-Tower
Motherboard SupportMini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX
Dimensions (HxWxD)Height:505mm
Max GPU LengthUp to 400mm
CPU Cooler HeightUp to 185mm
Internal Bays4x 2.5 or 2x 3.5-inch 
Expansion Slots7
Front I/O2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A (10 Gbps), 1X USB Type-C (up to 10Gbps), 3.5mm headphone/audio jack
Front Fans3 x 120mm / 3 x 140mm
Rear Fans1 x 120mm / 1 x 140mm
Top Fans3 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm
Weight10.05 kg
Warranty2 years


NZXT h7 flow front panel: Perforated

Perforated metal combined with fans clearly works well. Overall, I like the front panel, and it looks great with RGB lighting.

NZXT H7 Flow case

Some users faced problems with front panel connectors, especially AMD buildings.

The documentation describes the casing as an Intel standard front panel connector, and there was no adaptor for other manufacturer panel connectors.

This can be plugged into the Front PANEL header if your motherboard uses the Intel Front PANEL layout.

If you are an AMD or non-Intel user You have to attach a breakout cable.

If you need this cable and one was not included with your NZXT Case, please reach out to the NZXT Customer Support team for further assistance.

NZXT h7 flow cables: Building Simplified

Award-winning manufacturers like NZXT especially improved cable management options, like wider cable channels, and hooks for holding the cable in the right place.

Also, the front panel connects are all grouped together into one cable, you can save me so much more time than others.

H7 Flow White

NZXT H7 flow will be a better choice because of its capacity and clearance, and cool, Quiet design.

Easy removal Tool-less to front & side panels

H7 Flow

Is H7 Flow PC case panels can remove without screws?

Yes, The front and side panel of the unit can be disassembled without any tool, most users will be like that.

The H7 supports the following radiator sizes:

Unlike the NZXT H510 Flow, this supports the radiator properly.

  • Front: Up to 360mm
  • Top: Up to 360mm
  • Rear: Up to 140mm

Nzxt h7 flow fan setup

How many fans do the H7 series cases support?

The H7 supports the following fan sizes:

  • Front: 3 x 120mm or 3 x 140mm
  • Top: 3 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm
  • Rear: 1 x 120mm / 1 x 140mm

If you are still experiencing bad temps with the new graphic card (RTX 3060), the reason is new graphic card is too large and does not fit properly to the pc casing like NZXT H510i.

NZXT H7 Flow is the problem solver, in general, you can decrease 5 degrees Celsius or maybe more by upgrading the PC case, but this depends on your old PC casing, fans, and coolers.

NZXT H7 Flow Cooling

H7 flow Cooling capabilities are better than NZXT h510. 3x 120 or 2x 140mm fans, or one 360mm radiator can attach instead of the 140mm fan in the previous edition. Also, a perforated top panel increases the thermal performance of the unit.

H7 Flow Cooling


Some complaint about the H7 flow casing has a noise like a humming sound coming from pc case used in the room (moderately quiet room). Don’t panic I have a solution for this issue.

But all in all, It has excellent noise control, which you can clearly understand following the below graph.

How to reduce the noise level

Method 1

If your PC is on the table/desk when gaming you can notice that the desk vibrates at a certain fan speed. See the below chart and configure it as follows. put them to a static percentage in NZXT Cam and the vibration/sound went away.

Method 2

When the Kraken fan speed is at 40% and above You can use rubber grommets this is another way to fix the issue.


Can I mount a GPU vertically in the new H7 Series?

A Verticle GPU adapter/PCIe Riser should be purchased separately and it will be compatible with H7, H7 Flow, and H7 elite cases.

Vertical GPU Mounts are compatible with GPUs no wider than 3 slots. There are no length restrictions on this mounting kit.

NZXT H7 Flow GPU Clearance

What are the max CPU cooler and GPU clearance dimensions in the H7 Series?

CPU and GPU clearance will be enough for every user, 185mm space for the CPU cooler, and 400mm for GPU clearance.

● Max CPU Cooler Clearance: Up to 185mm
● Max GPU Clearance: Up to 400mm
● Front Radiator Clearance: 60mm
● Top Radiator Clearance: 30mm
● Cable Management: 18-22mm

What colors do the H7, H7 Flow, and H7 Elite come in?

It comes in 3 colors.  Matte Black, Matte White, and White & Black.

Does the NZXT H7 flow come with RGB?

No, If you can spend 200$ for the casing, NZXT H7 Elite is the choice for RGB lovers. It includes NZXT RBG & Fan controller V2 module; various color and lightning effects and fan controlling options can apply through CAM software. And the module sync with various other accessories.

Every gamer hopes for greater performance and aesthetics, especially if they build their own system. To improve the cool look and feel NZXT company has introduced the top panel with small holes. This perforated panel will help to remove warm air flow quickly. This casing comes with a good design and can be recommended as a well-optimized thermal performance characteristic.

Check out more helpful reviews

NZXT h7 flow aTX mid-tower case

Mid-Tower Case with E-ATX Fitment

If you need a smaller Mid Tower Case for your new E-ATX Motherboard, check out the H7 Flow. The chassis was designed to be as big as possible on the inside while maintaining the advantages of a mid-tower chassis. Two 360mm radiator can attach without any issue, and it also has 400mm clearance for the graphic card.

7 Reasons for the upgrade to NZXT H7 Flow

  1. Good Air Flow
  2. Less noise
  3. Affordable price
  4. An elegant design
  5. Max CPU and GPU clearance
  6. Toolless Operation
  7. Perfect Cable Management


Do I need the H-Series Breakout Cable?

Latest motherboards do not need breakout cables anymore, most manufacturers made their front panel layout even as part of larger header connections. But older motherboards and non-standard array connectors still need the cable.

Can I purchase any of the front panels separately?

Replacement components are only available for customers who require warranty replacements. But if there are spare parts in the inventory there is a possibility to buy them with customer support instructions.

Can I have multiple liquid coolers mounted to the H7 series cases?

Yes, you absolutely can! Furthermore, H7 cases can support full-size coolers in every mounting location simultaneously. This makes the H7 an excellent choice for customers looking to build custom liquid-cooled gaming PCs!

How many RGB devices do RGB & Fan Controller v2 support?

Up to 160 RGB LEDs can be powered simultaneously with the RGB & Fan Controller v2 that comes with the H7 Elite. It includes 6 RGB channels that support 40 LEDs each.

However, this only applies to the RGB section of a fan, not to the motor’s power. Please keep in mind that not all F-Series RGB Fans can be daisy-chained (like the ones included with the H7 Elite). Instead, a channel on our RGB & Fan Controller v2 will be occupied by these fans.


This is a high-quality, low-noise, and decent price option for PC builders. It is a versatile liquid cooling system with an easy installation process. NZXT H7 Flow is perfect for those who are looking to upgrade their old pc casing for good airflow and excellent performance.

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