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NZXT H510 Flow Review: Does it match any build?

Last updated on December 4th, 2022 at 03:31 pm

At the end of 2021, NZXT’s announced the compact mid-tower casing for high-performance builders. NZXT H510 Flow is an elegant looking PC casing, especially for gamers.

NZXT H510 Flow designers mainly focusing air flowing in the casing. This is good news for all of the gamers around the world — may I think you agree with me. The First plus point, I’d love, a big amount of air pulled inside with less effort with front-side fans. 

H510 Flow

Key Specs

  • Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX
  • Enclosure Type Compact Mid-Tower
  • Case Material SGCC Steel, Tempered Glass

Worth buying the NZXT H510 Flow?

Buying an NZXT H510 Flow PC casing is the solution for those who are experiencing heating issues in their systems. As well as H510 Flow casing allows to install of custom liquid cooling systems. They provide a minimum 2-year warranty. I think this is an excellent choice you’ve made.

NZXT H510 Flow: Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price(Mid and High-end builders)
  • Great thermal and acoustic performance Excellent airflow
  • Clean and elegant design
  • Liquid cooling support
  • Vertical GPU mounting option
  • Great Cable management brackets


  • Elite version is overpriced
  • Airflow config attracts dust in unwanted places
  • Screw fittings are too tight
  • Limited front I/O ports
  • Overtightened PCI bracket screws

NZXT H510 Flow: Features

  • A perforated top panel optimizes airflow to your system, resulting in increased temperatures.
  • Everlasting tempered-glass side panel and iconic cable management bar
  • Cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps
  • All air intakes are equipped with two Aer F120mm fans and removable filters.
  • Bracket is detachable and designed for radiators up to 280mm in diameter. Case version fans and specifications may differ from the retail version.


The H510 Flow case comes with a perforated front panel. It is a good sign of the NZXT H510 series. Also, it has tempered glass side panels like others in this series.

They are mainly using SGCC steel and tempered glasses to construct the casing. Due to these materials, it has been feasible to realize an elegant appearance.

The casing is compatible with a variety of motherboard types, including Mini-ITX, Micro ATX, and ATX. Additionally, customization is possible, which includes specially designed liquid cooling systems. Of course, everything is simplified for you.

Nothing has changed in terms of PC casing dimensions; they are the same as the H510 casing dimensions of 460mm x 210mm x 428mm and weigh in at 14.5lbs. Casings are available in both white and black both colors.

removable dust filter

Above the CPU region is a specially built 120/140 mm fan installation spot. Also, On the underbelly, a removable dust filter protects the PSU bay in the rear and the floor-mounted HDD cage in the front, which is secured by traditional screws. It would have been wonderful if NZXT improved the cage, even if it was only with thumbscrews to facilitate removal.

If I say, “NZXT is one of the most visually appealing PC casing manufacturing brands,” you will agree. Among those, the H510 series is the market leader. The Upcoming H510 Flow is completely clean and attractive.


From the front side 120mm aer fans allow intaking more natural air to the inside of the casing.

I’d like to add something, which is that you should anticipate dust accumulating in undesirable gaps throughout the chassis, but they’ve already installed some removable dust filters and brackets to facilitate radiator installation. If possible, it is preferable to be prepared.


The simplicity of the computer casing allows us to build the system without previous experience. The cable management is perfect, and the H510 Flow is at the moment a fully functional PC case. Nowadays  PC builders are moving to buy mesh-type cases. 

After doing a lot of research, and identifying customer needs. As a result, they created the H510 Flow that reduces the temperature of CPUs and GPUs using a perforated front panel. This also helps to protect your hardware components.


Height460 mm / 18.11 inches
Width210 mm / 8.26 inches
Depth428 mm / 16.85 inches
Weight6.6 kg / 14.5 lb


The power button, USB-A, USB-C, and 3.5mm headphone jack are all located on the top of the casing. That means you can connect your phone or new gaming headset without removing the case from beneath your desk.

I had no objections to building a PC inside this casing. I did notice that the PCI bracket screws were very securely fastened to the chassis, requiring considerable force to remove them manually. This could have been a problem with the review sample we received.

Box Includes

  • H510 Flow Case
  • Aer F 120mm (Case Version)
  • Headset Audio Jack Splitter
  • Breakout Cable
  • Installation Accessories
  • Manual

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Price and availability

In the near future, you can get this Casing around for $110. You can notify which it is available from this link and hit the “notify me” button. 

If you’re already using NZXT PC casing like H510 Elite and you need to upgrade the H510 Flow front panel separately. It is not available at the moment, but I will notify you when it becomes available.


Taken together, the H510 Flow is a respectable chassis. It appears to be a little out of date by today’s standards, but the case is well constructed, and I quite like the style. And, while I lack testing data for this new ATX platform, I can state that it performs well enough to avoid serious complaints.

No more need to worry about building a pc with a perforated front panel chassis. It is so easy with the NZXT H510 Flow.

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