10 Minutes, Save Your Time: NZXT BLD PC Review 2021

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Nowadays PC workstation is more prevalent in the world. But, the problem is how can I buy a good one for our purposes. 

At the end of our Nzxt BLD PC review, you can get a complete idea about NZXT BLD. We will cover Performance, PC Casings, Liquid cooling systems, and so on.

Who are they?

NZXT is a leading and award-winning hardware manufacturer with a massive range of products especially liquid cooling systems, PC casing, and more. The aesthetic appearance of NZXT BLD products is a plus point alongside PC performance. They will try to introduce creative and more efficient products to the community.

Dozens of experiments, counting gaming hours analyzing as a result finally they built a brand called “NZXT” on 6th June 2017. For sure this is a time-saving option. Users who don’t have the time to create a more efficient PC may use Nzxt BLD.

The easiest and time-saving way to build a PC for gaming, Streaming, and  Content creation enjoying guaranteed gaming performance.

H510i Phantom Gaming Special Edition

How NZXT BLD PC Works:

  1. NZXT BLD PC allows users to Select their chipset and budget
  2. Then Specify your desired budget range(ex-$1500-$2000). 
  3. Before you get into your PC They provide benchmark testing data for the performance you can expect from your build that is the NZXT’s plus point.
  4. If you want to change the casing, graphic card, or anything you want No problem you can customize everything with NZXT experts. 
  5. After completing your DIY PC they will ship it within 48 hours. 


NZXT allows You to choose 4 different PC lineups. If you want to configure parts, that too is possible.

#1 Starter PC Series

NZXT introduced the Starter PC series, which starts at $999 for the Starter, $1199 for the Starter Plus, and $1399 for the Starter Pro, which includes an Nvidia RTX 2060 6G GPU. They have one unique feature that will totally surprise you. That is, Nzxt allows users to choose a computer based on the FPS value of PC games at various(1080p,1440p) resolutions. Also, you can pick by color.


#2 NZXT Streaming PC

NZXT Streaming PC

If we pay attention to the professional gamers’ side, You have another great option: NZXT Streaming PC is the problem solver. Streaming PC starting at $1999 and system power-up by AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core 3.6GHz Processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX™ 3060 TI graphic card combination. NZXT H510 casing gains unique beauty to PC.

#3 NZXT H1 Mini PC

NZXT h1 mini PC

The NZXT h1 mini PC is targeted at gamers and creators. You don’t worry anymore about the PC size of ​the NZXT H1 mini. This is smaller than others but powerful, the reason for that I saying the system has Intel Core i9-9900K 8-Core 3.6 GHz processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX™ 3070 graphic card these big players. So you can feel a smooth gameplay experience, and especially For NZXT H1 Mini PC, you’re guaranteed to get 290 FPS in Counter-Strike Go at 1080p.

#4 NZXT Creator PC

Creator PC is the Last one of the NZXT Prebuild series. This PC is mostly recommended for Content creators. Starting at $3999 and it’s featuring the Intel Core i9-10900K 10-Core 3.7GHz processor up to 64 gigabytes of memory and a powerful GeForce RTX™ 3090 GPU. Heavily loaded works like 3D modeling, Game development, Video editing(8K) doing fast and smoothly. I think in this section you will get some idea of your future PC Build.

NZXT Creator PC

Wait, I need to mention something. Before purchasing a computer, you can think about two things: warranty and durability. We will cover it at the end session.


StarterStreamingH1 MiniCreator
NZXT Prebuild PC Pricing

NZXT BLD PC Performance

Nothing to worry about performance, it comes with the best performance as you expected. Using only the highest-quality parts, which are assembled by highly-trained builders.

You can get a perfect build with their best recommendation engine that matches the games you love and increase your PC esthetic appearance. Components manufactured from leading companies in the industry with the highest quality level.


Now we move to discuss the NZXT products lineup. You can experience NZXT’s unique and custom products they made. In brief,

  • Custom PC casings
  • Award-winning cooling systems
  • Motherboards
  • Lighting Accessories – NZXT hue 2 Ambient RGB Lighting kit

If you like it, you can directly order from their official website.


To get your first ever PC an elegant look. NZXT H-series PC cases are mostly affordable. In those cases, Premium build quality and clean design show their level of expertise. And the side, cable management system, connectivity improvements, removable fan/radiator mounting brackets, easy-to-use drive trays, tempered glass side panel, front panel USB-C connector, and easy to build those are affected to get top on the market.

Also, in typical H-series cases, you can see custom-crafted limited editions. It is called CRFT products. This product is for especially a select group of gamers who looking for an iconic way to show off their passion.


Without cable management to build a PC is time-wasting. Say bye to these problems NZXT has a unique routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps it very useful for assembling. Most cases allow Mount the GPU horizontally.

But NZXT H710i and H510i cases have a feature to mount GPU vertically (PCIe riser card not included). For controlling RGB lighting and fans, monitor your NZXT BLD PC performance, creating customized profiles that you love NZXT CAM application is the more helpful application you’ve ever seen before. To Enjoy an unlimited gaming experience get yours now.

5 Best Gaming Accessories for NZXT BLD PC

To enhance the ultimate level gaming experience, you need to get gaming accessories. NZXT introduced an iconic product range that matches gamers. The standard & Large mousepads are made of high-quality materials to provide comfort when gaming.


Don’t worry about cable management Puck is here, it is a hassle-free cable management gadget for any wired device. It has a powerful magnet, you can easily hook any surface you want. Last one of X Nomatic purple slim bag design for carrying your accessory. It made from weatherproof material and a long-term companion. You can carry your headset, gaming console, and cables very safely.

Award-winning Cooling Systems

New Kraken Cooler for NZXT BLD PC

A liquid cooling system is a much-needed component of any PC build. If Your PC running heavy load like video rendering moment, increasing CPU and GPU heat level then lightweight works. In that case cooling system controls your PC heating level. During the rendering time, it helps the system run smoothly.

NZXT-Kraken-X73 RGB Liquid cooler
Kraken X73 Cooler

The new Kraken X series adds some esthetic appearance. You can customize lighting effects with CAM’s application. Front radiators make water-cooling simple. New Kraken X73 design for mid-tower cases supported with 360mm radiator mounting, definitely it helps fast cooling.

Check Price at Kraken X73 RGB

NZXT Motherboards

After that beating PC cases, NZXT moved to the motherboard business. You can pick two different types of boards Z490 for the intel chipset and B550 for the AMD chipset. Both are having everything you need to build an incredible gaming PC. Those are Inbuilt Wi-Fi, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C connectivity, RGB accessories supported across all manufacturers, and CAM features.

  1. N7 Z490 – This motherboard enables a visually seamless backdrop for any build with all the features of the Intel Z490 chipset.
  2. N7 Z590 – Intel Z590 gaming motherboard with Wi-Fi and CAM features.

Power Supply

You can get the best performance on power Supply NZXT’s introduces two series of PSUs. The new C series PSU and E series both have a 10-year manufacturer warranty. E series has a Digital voltage and temperature monitoring feature.

Those are having 850 watts of stable power for ideal Gaming PCs with multiple GPUs. Using CAM application, you can see voltage, uptime, real-time accurate information and so on which PSU has. NZXT E Series PSUs are available in 500W, 650W, and 850W configurations, and C Series PSUs are available in 650W, 750W, and 850W.

NZXT BLD PC Lighting System

The RGB Ambient lighting kits are the most popular feature in building PCs. To get the best appearance NZXT’s announced a new application called CAM, which allows users control to all of their PC-led stripes & fans.

On the other hand NZXT HUE 2 ambient RGB lighting kit is the most advanced control of your dream workstation.

NZXT HUE 2 Features

  • Quick Sync: The HUE 2 uses an advanced microprocessor to deliver an amazing array of RGB lighting effects that are synchronized across all HUE 2 accessories.
  • Quad-channel illumination: NZXT RGB accessories will provide a bright color to any build. The software-enabled RGB & Fan Controller allows you to customize your settings.
  • NZXT CAM Powered: Easily choose from a wide variety of preset, smart, and custom lighting modes to create the perfect look for your PC.
  • Easy Installation: Everything you need to get started with RGB lighting is included: a HUE 2 RGB controller, four LED strips, and all required cables.
NZXT BLD PC Lighting System

An ambient RGB kit uses for your walls to visually immerse you in your favorite games. Installing RGB stripes back of the monitor you can make presets that you love using the CAM application. Those are using you can create the perfect look for your PC and NZXT RGB accessories.

NZXT BLD PC Case Accessories

Internal USB Hub (Gen 3)

The USB hub is the most suitable component that helps increase more connectivity. The internal USB hub enables you to connect extra USB 2.0 devices. Getting connected is now easier than ever.


From the very first step, the NZXT team respects the customer’s opinion. Either customer knows about PC or not, that is not a problem anymore. The NZXT who introduced PC building easiest method using few clicks is the best innovation. Exactly this will be a big-time saving method. If you wish to gift a PC to your partner or kid, these features are most helpful. And By the way, if your PC knowledge 0% don’t worry about the team NZXT who guide you to end and Expert Live Chat feature for real-time help and troubleshooting.

For a long time who they were built PCs, played games, and lack of experiments, they will be trying to share their knowledge with the games community as they love. As a result, they build a company called NZXT. To get the best service and quality products this is the best place.


Suppose you place your order for a pre-build before 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time will ship the PC the very same day. Make just simple clicks on the NZXT games recommendation engine; feel free to sit back on your seat. They will do anything perfectly.

“For custom builds, our guaranteed 2 business days turnaround makes this one of the quickest ways to have a custom gaming rig. Our pre-builds have same-day shipping.”

Nzxt Pros and Cons


● Priced right for the component mix.
● Plenty of pep for modern gaming at 1080p or 1440p.
● Name-brand parts and quality construction.
● Runs quietly.
● Standard two-year warranty.


● The case has some sharp corners.
● No case interior lighting or media card reader.

Our verdict

Hey, now you are In our prediction section. NZXT makes building a PC hassle-free for those who still want the option of choosing their own components.

Thank you for reading!

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