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Does NZXT BLD PC overclock: let’s see the preferred method

Last updated on December 4th, 2022 at 03:34 pm

Suppose you’re a content creator, PC gamer, or any heavy-duty worker. You need to ultimate performance setup. How about increasing performance without sacrificing money? This preferred method absolutely helps you. Let’s jump right in.

Today I am guiding you on how NZXT BLD PC overclock using the preferred method. I know you’re very excited about this topic, therefore continue reading.

Avoid overclocking these methods

Certain individuals employ risky techniques to overclock their systems via various software. NZXT’s CAM software enables users to overclock their GPU for maximum performance.

Today, I’m going to walk you through the process of overclocking your GPU. No, it is not difficult. Overclocking is not a difficult process. It’s effortless. With CAM software, you can overclock with a single click.

How to overclock GPU in NZXT Pre-built PC

Done, you’re done overclocking how you identify your performance! The problem, so before you need to test your benchmark and take screenshots each.

NZXT BLD PC overclock

Already taken your screenshot after testing the benchmark. Wait a couple of minutes your PC need to relaxing time. Now good to go; you can overclock after done overclocking process taking screenshots and compare those results, and enjoy maximum performance.

Here’s how to overclock a GPU in 5 easy steps:

Step 1

Please download and install CAM before proceeding.

Step 2

Click the overclock

Step 3

Adjusting the Core Clock of your graphics card has the greatest impact on overclocking. Move the slider to the right until you reach your desired offset. I recommend you increase this number by 150 if you have an Nvidia GPU and 50 if you have an AMD GPU.

Step 4

Adjusting the Memory Clock of your graphics card has a smaller impact on overclocking. Move the slider to the right until you reach your desired offset. I recommend you increase this number by doubling the core clock offset.

Step 5


Please visit this guide for additional information.

WHAT IS XMP (RAM overclocking)?


If you need to increase your RAM speed to the advertised speed, in this case, you need to overclock your RAM. XMP and easiest method to overclock your RAM speed. XMP definition, Extreme Memory Profiles is a technology that allows you to change your memory settings by selecting a different profile that takes advantage of higher than standard memory speeds. This technology allows you to increase your RAM speed (advertised speed) to the standard speed.

In other words, a 3200mhz speed RAM may usually run at 2400mhz if an XMP profile is not enabled. When enabling the XMP profile, you should run your RAM at the advertised speed of 3200mhz.

NZXT XMP Policy Update


Good news! If you need to overclock your RAM but still you have a big problem with the Warranty. You no more need to overthink about it. In NZXT’s newest policy update, they give permission to users to use XMP. And they also claim any hardware fault during the overclocking procedure.

In the past, XMP enabling violated NZXT’s policy. But now you’re free. As a gamer & content creator, I love this so much. I think this is good news for you. Ok, then how can you enable it? Is this easy?

Yes, but this process has a risk. Once you are enabling the XMP, automatically the amount of voltage sent through a device is higher than stock voltage so it might come hardware failures. But now you haven’t any warranty issues so keep doing correct way and enjoy maximum performance.

How to enable XMP

Follow this steps to enable XMP using MSI Click Bios 5 interface.

  1. First, Turn On your PC
  2. Then Hit the ‘DELETE’ key to enter the MSI bios
  3. You can see below something like this
  4. Click the “memory” button on the left-hand side of the screen
  5. This should bring you to a screen that looks like this. From there, you can click the XMP button on the top and toggle it from “off” to on”.
  6. Once that is done, you can hit F10 on your keyboard and select save changes & exit.
  7. From there, you can confirm that your RAM is running at the proper speed by re-entering the BIOS by hitting the “delete” key on startup and checking your DDR speed. If you’d like to double-check that your memory is running at the correct speed, you can use our NZXT CAM software that’s been pre-installed on your BLD PC.

As you can see here, the default RAM speed is 1066mhz, and after the XMP profile is enabled, the current clock speed is 1597mhz. (Keep in mind RAM is double data rate, if your current clock speed is, 1597mhz, your actual clock speed is 3197mhz).

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I set my XMP, but my PC has a problem with stability; what can I do?

If your PC is now unstable due to this change, potentially causing a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) to your system, it is possible that the RAM is not compatible with the motherboard at the XMP speed the RAM advertises. XMP is sadly not a guaranteed overclock on your RAM.

There can be variances between the RAM and your other components that will cause an incompatibility at certain RAM speeds. Due to this, some combinations of components will not be compatible. This would require manual tuning of the RAM to find a speed that you can run stably.

At this time, we do not offer manual tuning of RAM, in the event you encounter stability problems after an overclock, we recommend turning off all XMP settings to allow your PC to be stable again.



In the close future, they will plan to give an upgrade to their consumer’s Pre-enable XMP feature. May I inform you later in detail after I received information about it? So, keep waiting.

NZXT is an award-winning product-creating company. So, I think this feature will enable soon as possible.

Thank you for reading

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