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Anyone must know about the Reason: is NZXT BLD overpriced?

Last updated on December 4th, 2022 at 03:39 pm

Looking to buying a pre-built PC, NZXT is one of the best companies this decade. Saying about their simplicity, you can completely build your PC in less than 5 minutes. Mm… yes, you shouldn’t know PC building. How about pricing?

Is NZXT BLD overpriced? Obviously, if you have a good knowledge of PC building and the budget is limited, NZXT BLD is not a wise selection.

So, you can assemble your own PC by gathering parts one by one much more quickly by using PC building websites. Please take a look at the pcpartpicker website. This is a better one for it.

But, your IT knowledge is zero; NZXT Streaming PC is the excellent choice you will make. There is nothing to worry about low-quality components like other PC builders using; quality items on reputed brands made NZXT BLD.


3 key things to NZXT Streaming PC is worth

#1 Quality Components from reputed brands

Everyone looking to get quality products to their PC build. But some PC builders using low-quality products to price cut down. NZXT BLD uses high-quality components from well-known manufacturers such as T-FORCE, Gigabyte, and Western Digital, as well as their own award-winning products like Kraken X63. As a result, with this strong Pre-built system, you may expect a better gaming experience.

#2 Simplicity

NZXT’s latest design significantly improves the user experience. As a result, you can check the FPS  value of four different games, as well as change between different resolutions and FPS values (1080P and 1440P). It’s more useful to gain a sense of whether it meets our expectations.

#3 Uses the right Hardware

A Powerful graphic card and a low-power CPU do not balance. So, we need to buy an efficient component for our PC build. The streaming PC is the best choice for pro gamers.

Gaming experience with different resolution

NZXT’s pre-built PC you can see benchmark results switching in different resolution(1080P and 1440P). This is useful to get an idea of how will be performing your PC.

A 1440p monitor has 78% more pixels than a 1080p monitor. A 27-inch 1080p display has around 78 pixels per inch, whereas a 27-inch 1440p monitor has 108 pixels per inch.

 MSI Optix series monitors

As you can see, this indicates a 38% difference in PPI. As a result, the 1440p monitor will be crisper, allowing you to get higher quality on the same screen. I highly recommend you choose a 1440p monitor to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

During the PC build process, you can choose from a variety of MSI Optix series monitors. Furthermore, various resolutions and different refresh rates available as you wish.

NZXT Pre-built PC Range and Specs

NZXT has various types of PC lineups, we can see 4 main pc series. Which are NZXT Starter PC, Streaming PC, H1 mini PC, and Creator PC.

Today we talk about deep NZXT Streaming PCs. You can select Streaming pc on two different price ranges.

  • Streaming PC for $1999
  • Streaming Pro PC for $2999
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 5600X
GPUGeForce RTX™ 3070
RAMTeam T-Force Vulcan Z 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3200 MHz
Storage1TB M.2 SSD
MotherboardGigabyte B450 AORUS PRO WIFI
CPU CoolerNZXT Kraken M22
Power Supply650W Bronze

NZXT Streaming PC for $2999

Is this worth it? Yes, of course, the new upgrade of NZXT Streaming PC nothing to worry about performance. This system was powerup by AMD Ryzen 5600X 5th gen processor and Nvidia RTX 3090 Graphic card.

The PC starting from $2999 a little bit overpriced than the previous one, but the good thing is you don’t need to sacrifice performance than the earlier one. Here is the good one for your ultimate streaming setup.

Key Specs of NZXT Streaming PC

CPUAMD Ryzen 5 5600X
GPUGeForce RTX™ 3090
RAMTeam T-Force Vulcan Z 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3200 MHz
Storage1TB M.2 SSD
MotherboardGigabyte B450 AORUS PRO WIFI
CPU CoolerNZXT Kraken M22
Power Supply750W Bronze
Specs of NZXT Streaming PC

No more need to waste your time building a generic PC. NZXT allows users to order their pre-built PCs using a couple of clicks in less than 5 minutes.  On this setup, you can experience smooth gameplay while streaming. From this period hard to find RTX 30 series graphic cards, don’t miss this great choice of your streaming field.

During the pandemic situation, your parcel receiving time will be increased. If you have any questions you can reach NZXT’s Support center to resolve this problem.

Gaming/Streaming PC

Gaming PC VS Streaming PC has a few differences. The Gaming PCs depend on powerful graphic cards. So, you want to buy a high-end graphics card to smooth gameplay. But in Streaming PCs, we need to balance Graphic card performance and CPU performance. In short:

  • Streaming PC: focus on high-end CPU, good network connection, and RAM.
  • Gaming PC: CPU still important, but you don’t need a high-end CPU to play.

The streaming process is a more complicated process than gaming. Video and audio recording, editing, and rending are the combination of streaming. So, you cannot do smooth streaming without the right hardware. With High-end GPU as Multi-core CPU.

Gaming PC VS Streaming PC

So, Not all computers are capable of handling live streaming while gaming, you need to use the below hardware to smooth streaming.


  1. Multi-core Processor
  2. Powerful RAM kit
  3. High-end GPU
  4. SSD
  5. Capture Card

A Capture Card is an effective way to connect a dedicated streaming PC to your gaming PC if you want to go for all-out performance for your streams.

Capture cards allow your dedicated streaming system to receive video from your gaming PC and deliver it to the CPU for encoding. To get the best performance on both systems, many full-time streamers utilize this strategy.

Impressive FPS

On the NZXT streaming Pre-built PC, you can expect an average of 128 FPS in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, 243 FPS in Fortnite, 78 FPS in Minecraft, and 97 FPS in Grand Theft Auto V. So, now you have an idea about performance with new NZXT Streaming PC.

The prebuilt system includes an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor and a GeForce RTX™ 3090 graphics card. The CPU is a 6-core processor with a 3.7Hz processing speed. The interaction of these high-end processing units results will be you’re stunned.

Processor: AMD RYZEN 5 5600X

Ryzen 5 Series is the latest chipset generation of AMD. It’s based on 7nm “Zen 3” Architecture. AMD Ryzen 5000 series are most suitable for the Fastest in the Game experience. Also, any multithreaded task like 3D and video rendering and software compiling.

With a simple BIOS update, these processors are not only drop-in ready on AMD 500 and select 400 series motherboards, but you can also easily tweak and tune your processor with Ryzen Master and AMD StoreMI.

GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 is the most powerful and high-end graphics card available, delivering playable 8K gaming performance as well as 3D rendering, AI machine learning and encoding performance.

However, this level of power comes at a high cost, and for the vast majority of people, it is probably not worth the investment.


Performance and architecture

The GeForce RTX™ 3090 is a big ferocious GPU (BFGPU) with TITAN class performance. It’s powered by Ampere NVIDIA’s 2nd gen RTX architecture doubling down on ray tracing and AI performance with enhanced Ray Tracing (RT) Cores, Tensor Cores, and new streaming multiprocessors. Plus, it features a staggering 24 GB of G6X memory, all to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is groundbreaking AI rendering that boosts frame rates with uncompromised image quality using the dedicated AI processing Tensor Cores on GeForce RTX.

This provides you with the performance headroom to increase settings and resolutions for an amazing visual experience. The AI revolution has arrived in the gaming industry.

With GeForce RTX 3090, you can connect, play, capture, and watch in brilliant HDR at resolutions up to 8K. HDMI 2.1 allows for 8K resolution on a single cable. With the GeForce ExperienceTM ShadowPlay™ feature, you can capture up to 8K HDR footage and play it back smoothly with AV1 decode.

The expensive GeForce RTX 3090 is a phenomenal value for creators who can take advantage of its massive 24GB of memory. Nvidia’s Founders Edition cooler is outstanding.


The NZXT streaming PC uses a Vulcan Z 3200MHz RAM to keep it running smoothly, and the PC is packaged with two 8 GB of RAM cards. The only point I would make is RAM. 16GB is pretty solid, and you won’t have any issues. I would recommend 3200mhz of Ryzen 5 RAM, but it won’t be an issue.


  • Simple design to perfectly protect the cooling module.
  • High thermal conductive adhesive.
  • Supports Intel & AMD motherboards.
  • Selected high-quality IC.
  • Supports XMP2.0.
  • Energy-saving with ultra-low working voltage.


M.2 NVMe is 25X faster than general HDD. Yes, the 1TB M.2 SSD is provided for the NZXT Streaming PC. The latest games usually require a large capacity, 1TB storage is enough. Your storage can be improved by secondary hard drives, however.

Cooler: NZXT Kraken M22

NZXT Kraken m22

Kraken cooler is the NZXT’s award wining product. NZXT Streaming PC has NZXT Kraken M22 cooler. This is an All-in-One liquid cooler you can keep your system temperature down with one 120mm AER P radiator fan.

An addressable RGB lighting and infinity mirror design to gain an aesthetic appearance to our PC. Using NZXT CAM software you can customize what you own.

CPU Compatibility

Intel LGA: 1200, 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066AMD Socket: AM4, sTRX4, TR4
Intel Series: i9, i7, i5, i3, Pentium, CeleronAMD Series: Ryzen 9, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 3, Threadripper* Threadripper bracket not included

Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO WIFI

In-built Wi-Fi motherboard you can connect any wireless device to a PC without any third-party components. Motherboard supports AMD Ryzen 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, and Ryzen 5000 series.


  • Intel® Dual Band 802.11ac WIFI & BT 4.2
  • HDMI, DVI-D Ports for Multiple Display
  • Integrated I/O Shield of Ultra Durable™ Design
  • Dual Ultra-Fast NVMe PCIe Gen3 M.2 (x4, x2) with Dual Thermal Guards
  • ALC1220-VB Enhanced 114dB(Rear) / 110dB(Front) SNR in Microphone with WIMA Audio Capacitors
  • RGB FUSION 2.0 with Multi-Zone LED Light Show Design, Supports Digital LED & RGB LED Strips
  • Intel® GbE LAN with cFosSpeed Internet Accelerator Software
  • Smart Fan 5 Features 6 Temperature Sensors and 5 Hybrid Fan Headers with FAN STOP
  • APP Center Including EasyTune™ and Cloud Station™ Utilities
  • CEC 2019 Ready, Save Power With a Simple Click

NZXT CAM software

What about combining all aspects of control and tracking into a single app? It’s now a reality.

NZXT CAM Software is a quick, efficient, and user-friendly program that allows you to control every aspect of your computer. You can easily manage performance, temperatures, and devices.

if You should need to schedule your tasks for the day. NZXT CAM allows to you customize RGB lightings, Fans, different weather conditions, and as well as different times.

Entire Customization

Set your lights and fans to adjust whenever you launch one of our thousands of supported games. Match the colors of the game, change your lights to respond to the in-game audio, or turn all of your lights off for a competitive edge.

Match your computer to how you use it, any time of day or night. CAM will make it so lights and cooling devices will help bring you more into the game than ever before.

Track Every Aspect of Your Computer

NZXT CAM enables you to see what your PC is doing, from processor load to bandwidth consumption. It also tells you which applications are using which parts of your machine. You can instantly track down any issues to ensure that you’re getting the optimal performance out of your computer.

In-Game Monitoring

Performance matters most when you’re in-game. Track your FPS, temperatures, bandwidth, and more with our low-impact, super-stable in-game overlay. Make the most out of your computer.

Become a Beta Tester

Get your hands on next-generation CAM software before anyone else in the community. CAM Beta provides tech-savvy users the opportunity to work directly with our dev team to provide feedback on future versions of NZXT CAM.


  • Current FPS
  • CPU / GPU Temperature
  • Time Played
  • Battery Level
  • CPU / GPU Load
  • Many more!

Control NZXT Products

  • Control case lights
  • Fan speeds
  • PSU voltages
  • NZXT CAM’s intuitive and beautiful interface

NZXT allows users to control components they own using NZXT CAM software. Manage performance, temperatures, and devices everything in one single application also track every aspect of your PC.  

Besides, You can monitor your computer’s performance, from processor load to bandwidth usage. It also tells you which applications make use of each component of your machine. You can easily track down any issues to make sure you get the best performance from your computer.

Monitor performance in-Game

While in-game, you can track FPS, Temperature, Bandwidth, and more. So no, it’s not impacting your gameplay.

PSU unit (Power supply unit)

For powerful PC need sufficient power to run the system smoothly. The NZXT Streaming PC uses the Seasonic 750W power supply to power up the system. Also, It’s certified by 80 PLUS® Platinum and Gold efficiency ratings. The brand Seasonic after during lots of researches, as a result, they introduced the Seasonic Focus + series. So, you can get outstanding performance ever seen before.


Silent is Good! Seasonic patented special Hybrid silent fan control system. In brief, you can get optimal performance while silencing and cooling. They allow users 3 different modes to control the system.

  • Fanlessmode
  • Silent Mode
  • Cooling Mode

Also, its advanced three-phased thermal control achieves optimal between silence and cooling. You can control this using physical buttons on the back of the FOCUS PLUS power supply.


  • Reduced noise without increase in temperature.
  • Extended fan life due to the reduced number of fan rotations.
  • Optimized heat dissipation at all times.
  • Unsurpassed silent performance in Fanless Mode.
  • Additionally, there is a switch at the back of the power supply which allows users to customize their cooling needs by selecting between the Seasonic S2FC (fan control without Fanless Mode) and the S3FC (fan control including Fanless Mode).


  • 80 PLUS® Gold certified
  • Compact Size – 140 mm deep
  • Tight Voltage Regulation
  • Cable-free Connection Design
  • S3FC – Fanless until 30 % load
  • Multi-GPU setup
  • Gold plated connectors
  • 10 years warranty

2-year warranty

Free 2-year warranty on all parts & labor as well as professional wire management. NZXT’s offers a 2-year parts replacement warranty and also, they offer lifetime technical support. You can connect to NZXT’s support assistance on the official website.

Need to upgrade your PC within the warranty period, you can upgrade your PC without any warranty problems if you do not do any physical hardware modifications.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 mining performance

What is crypto mining?

In short, you are using a computer (or computers) to resolve cryptographic equations and record that data to a blockchain. To elaborate, miners verify the hashes of unconfirmed blocks and are rewarded for each hash that is verified. The process is computationally intensive, necessitating cutting-edge hardware if you want to make significant progress with mining. Mining, as it was during the gold rush, is not for the faint of heart.

This DIY project probably won’t make you rich, but it will help you understand how Bitcoin works.

NZXT Streaming PC you can use to crypto mining as a side business. It will help to make some PC upgrades in the future.

Cryptocurrency mining has driven up GPU prices, putting gamers at a disadvantage. But if you’re going to go spelunking in cryptocurrency mines, you might as well know what you’re getting yourself into.

Is Crypto mining profitable with RTX 3090?

Some individuals have reported that RTX 3090 could hash at around 150 MH/s on the DaggerHashimoto algorithm (Ethereum).

Rumors confirmed the first actual mining performance to be around 106 MH/s on the DaggerHashimoto algorithm. The miner (mining software) that was run this test is currently unknown. I will update this article as we learn more about the hash rate.

The current hash rate is limited to 120 MH/s with a memory clock of +1350 and a power limit of 100 percent. The GPU requires 300W of power. When the power limit is reduced, the hash rates begin to fall precipitously.

Crypto mining profitable with RTX 3090
Crypto mining profitable with RTX 3090

Our advice is to never invest more than you can afford to lose and to avoid thinking about breaking even and turning a profit in a matter of months. Realistically, the current price-gouging on graphics cards means a best-case result of around seven months, assuming nothing goes wrong.

If crypto prices fall further, it may take much longer to break even—and, of course, another bubble is possible. However, if you already have the majority of the parts on hand, you could give it a shot. Please stop buying up all of our gaming GPUs.


Easy to buildExpensive
Decent componentsUpgrades don’t come cheap
Uses the right hardware


The NZXT streaming PC is a decent prebuild if you can’t spare a few hours to build your PC. It can remain evergreen with a few upgrades from time to time. 

The latest upgrade of Streaming PC with RTX 3090 card, was perfect for gaming. To the next level, your streaming NZXT Streaming PC is worth taking a look at.

Thank you for reading

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