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In-depth Hand-On review New NZXT BLD Creator PC 2021

Last updated on December 4th, 2022 at 03:39 pm

Nowadays content creators are finding powerful PC to do their work smoothly. Some are building their own PCs and what they needed. Besides, NZXT has a time-saving option to buy a PC easily. Today I breakdown it, Let’s jump right in.

NZXT BLD Creator PC is easy to get the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 without sacrificing more money. The RTX 3090 comes with a $2999 Price Tag. Normally, the PC has an i9-12900K and 64GB Ram, and sufficient RGB to make your own room.

What is the NZXT creator PC?

NZXT BLD Creator PC is a pre-built PC and it really matches content creating, Gaming, and AI machine learning.

NZXT Creator PC

NZXT creator PC 3090 review

The NZXT BLD creator PC come up with powerful components in the market. It’s really matching for high-end works like Video editing, Gaming, and further AI machine learning.

Using NZXT H510 elite casing and its gain elegant look of the PC. Besides the aesthetic appearance also the performance is much better. The creator PC has a powerful processor and GPU both. Intel Core i9-10900K and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 are the way to build a balanced performance PC. Yes, now powerhouse is ready to show your colors in gaming, Video editing(8K) at optimal settings. Furthermore, NZXT BLD creator PC is the best choice for talented people to enhance their skills.

NZXT Creator PC features

Each professional creator needs to massive hard disk capacity for storing their video footage because 4K and 8K files have big file sizes. So, NZXT’s installed a 1TB NVMe SSD as a boot device and a 4TB hard drive for secondary storage.

To see actual color accuracy, you need to buy a factory-calibrated monitor. I can recommend it to you if you can buy an ASUS PRO ART series monitor it helps you see the color very accurately.

Is the NZXT Creator PC any good?

In terms of building a pc, if you’re a complete newbie, you don’t know what pc parts you need to buy to create your first PC. You came across the NZXT BLD official website and listed their High-end PC for $2999. especially the creator PC is ideal for 4K video editing or AI machine learning tasks. Averagely, rendering a 15-minute 4k video took 13 minutes; it’s pretty good. Also, NZXT BLD creator pc good for paying money.

NZXT Creator PC Specs

  1. Case: NZXT H510 Elite (White or Black)
  2. CPU: Intel i9-12900K
  3. CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X63
  4. GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
  5. PSU: Seasonic 850W Gold(Product brand may vary)
  6. Motherboard: Z690
  7. Ram: Team Group Delta RGB 64 GB 3000 MHz (4x 16 GB)
  8. Primary: Western Digital Black SN850
  9. Secondary: Western Digital Blue SN570
  10. Software: Windows 11 Home
  11. Warranty: 2-year warranty on all parts & labor
  12. Price: $2999

BLD Features

NZXT Creator PC
  • Getting an idea about performance before buying benchmark results(FPS value) more helpful.
  • Specify your desired budget range.
  • BLD’s unique recommendation engine provides benchmark data for the performance you can expect from your build.
  • Customize and upgrade your build, from various NZXT case options and RGB lighting setups, to finalize your build for the perfect DIY feel.
  • Complete your order and sit back and relax while your custom PC is built within 48 business hours and then shipped.

BLD’s Unique Recommendation Engine:

  • Predicts FPS (frames per second) within 10% accuracy to guarantee the gaming performance of each custom BLD PC for the games chosen by the user.
  • FPS prediction is calculated from over 10 million, and counting analyzed gaming hours.

BLD’s Peace of Mind Services:

  • NZXT has more than 12 years of experience developing award-winning, high-quality PC components. Every custom BLD gaming PC feature:
  • Components made from industry-leading companies with the highest standard of quality.
  • Assembly by highly-trained builders, delivering meticulously crafted gaming PCs.
  • BLD PC built within 2 business days and then shipped.
  • Expert Live Chat feature for real-time help and troubleshooting.
  • Free and easy returns for any systems that do not meet the BLD engine FPS performance guarantee of within 10%.
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty

How about RAM Speed and Memory?

Unless you’re planning on running some 4k video editing, or some intense machine learning, 32GB of ram is already overkill. 16GB is already more than enough for gaming, though if you want to future-proof it a little, 32 is perfect. 64GB would be awesome, but at 3000 speed, you’d be better off running 32GB at 3600MHz.

Also, obligatory to check bios to make sure XMP is set for memory. It will be a new machine after you alter the XMP/DOCP.

Are there any big downsides to the NZXT Creator PC?

The case is the only downside. I wouldn’t say that airflow is terrible, although it could be much better.

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NZXT CAM Software Performance

The Cam software works surprisingly well and is gone 1 second after windows loads (gone but in the taskbar and takes zero resources). Personally, I have had nothing but problems. It controls my RGB with maybe a 90% success rate.

NZXT creator-pc-cam-software-performance
NZXT Creator PC


Top-level Components in the marketDon’t have its not customizable
Time-savingLittle ventilation
Good build qualityExpensive
Comprehensive 2-year warranty


This is the easiest way to get a Powerful pre-built PC for your especially content creation and gaming. Overall I think it was a great experience in NZXT is a perfect company

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